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Laura Land Tour: Pepin, WI

Thanks for joining me for a blog tour of Laura Ingalls Wilder homesites!  Whether you’re an armchair traveler or planning your own road trip, I hope the tour helps you envision the many places Laura called home. Replica of the Ingalls…

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Westby Remembered

One of my heart homes is in Westby.  Here is a link to my dear friend Eric’s pages about Westby, including some of my writing.

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Purple Significance

Friday, March 7, 2014 Often, during Lent, holy pieces on the altar are draped in a purple cloth.  What can you drape in a cloth, physically or mentally, during Lent to help you focus on your spiritual journey? What is … Continue reading

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Blessing the Dust!

Thursday, March 6, 2014 Ashes What goes through your mind when you receive the ash cross on your forehead on Ash Wednesday?  Write about the significance of ash and of contemplating the dust you shall return to.  Is this joyful, terrifying, comforting?  How … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday

The word “Lent” comes from an old English word meaning spring time or lengthening of days. We use it to describe the season before Easter, a time traditionally for repentance and learning – a time to be intentional about changing … Continue reading

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Finding Grace

Finding Grace is the name of a blog I just found about the prayer labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral.  It is a long article with much information.  I will be meditating on this for a long while.  I hope you find … Continue reading

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357 Colors

Originally posted on Poems From Psalms And Nature:
Somewhere along the line, as I was re-copying blessings from my gratitude journal last year, I began noting new blessings this year.  I bought a lilac-colored  journal at Target, and the cover…

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