Ash Wednesday

The word “Lent” comes from an old English word meaning spring time or lengthening of days. We use it to describe the season before Easter, a time traditionally for repentance and learning – a time to be intentional about changing and growing. Some people give up items or acts to create space and time so that new life and new habits can grow. Every writer has their own special light to add to this blog and all of your writing offerings are appreciated, whether poetry, prose, essay, thoughts, lists or comments and encouragement.

Each day during Lent 2014, the writers group at my church posts a prompt that is meant to inspire thoughts, poems, lists, short stories, etc.  I plan to post my response for each day of Lent here.  Perhaps you will be inspired to in a deeper walk in your faith journey.

My friend Clint Schnekloth says, “In order to encourage the kind of repentance and renewal Lent is designed to evoke, the practices have to be shocking enough to call the community out of its torpor. … This Lent, I invite you to make use of … some startling but transformative ways.”

In what way shall I use these Lenten writings for repentance and renewal?  I am not sure I am prepared for “shocking practices” and I have so many things going on in my life right now that I am not sure where to begin.  I am asking God to show me, and to prepare me, for whatever God would do in my life right now. I have read An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor and I plan to read it again during Lent.  I intend to commit to writing every day during Lent, although I am traveling a lot during this time so not sure how that will go.

But as for repentance and renewal?  Pray?  Fast?  Give?  I guess I will wait and see how God leads me.


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