God’s Laughter!

Do you know the sound of God’s laughter?  God delights in all of creation.  Most of all, rejoices in the joy of God’s people.

Did you ever see the hands of a three-year-old playing with Cheerios in the spilled milk on the table?  Hear his giggle as the soggy round O is chased by his fingertip?

Did you ever taste the fizzy bubbles in bath-water as your tub fills, and your bubbly chuckles of pleasure rise up?

Did your toes ever touch the squishy mud oozing up between your barefoot toes in spring, and you chortled gleefully?

Did you ever hear the sound of geese flying north, honking in unison, sounding like children at play?

Did you ever smell warm spicy cookies as they come from the oven, grinning with anticipation as your taste buds salivate?

That is the laughter of God, reflected in God’s creation.

mud toes

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One Response to God’s Laughter!

  1. Christine says:

    So beautiful!!!

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