Getting Ready For Sunday Morning

I was so excited!  Easter was coming, and I had a pretty dress to wear.   I had pored over the mail order catalog for days, and finally had permission from Mom to order the cutest yellow pique outfit.  It had a stylish flared skirt, a sleeveless blouse, and a pair of shorts, all ready to mix and match for upcoming occasions.

Little did I know how quickly my plans would change.

Saturday night before Easter was a busy time to prepare for Sunday morning.  The Sunday School lesson was studied, the Bibles bookmarked, and all the clothes laid out for the family.  Daddy made sure the gas tank in the car was filled, and Mom set things ready for breakfast.  Of course the Easter Eggs were all dyed and ready in their baskets.

One of my tasks was to polish all the shoes.  Mom’s shoes, along with mine and Mary’s, were white.  Daddy’s shoes and Ron’s shoes were black.  I carefully spread a thick layer of newspapers on the kitchen table, set out the white polish and the black polish.  The shoes were already brushed and ready.  After covering each of the white shoes with shoe polish, I let them dry before buffing with a clean rag.

Then I opened the bottle of black polish.  The dauber lid stuck, so I pulled harder.  Suddenly the dauber released, the bottle of shoe polish flew through the air, and runny black dye flowed over the table and onto the new kitchen linoleum.  I tried to mop it up with the rags, but the more I wiped, the farther the black stain spread on the shiny yellow floor.

Mom walked in just then and saw what happened to her new floor finish.  The black stain spread even farther as I frantically tried to wipe it.  I began to cry.  Mom began to scream, and Daddy came running.  I sobbed and sobbed.  Oh!  How horrible and helpless I felt.

We finally got as much cleaned up as we could.  We went to bed, still anticipating the coming Easter morning.

Early on Easter morning, I bounded out of bed to look out the window.  The snow was piled high on the lawn, the trees, the driveway and the windowsill.  There was no way we could get the car out of the driveway to go to church.

That day, the snow continued to fall for many hours, and April 13, 1952 became an Easter Sunday to remember.  I didn’t get to wear my new outfit until the following weekend, when I celebrated my 13th birthday on a very warm spring day!

Image                          Image

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2 Responses to Getting Ready For Sunday Morning

  1. Sheryl says:

    When I was a child we also often polished shoes on newspapers on the kitchen table. I can picture how easy it would be to have an accident with the polish. It had to have been absolutely awful to spill the polish on the floor.

  2. Yes, it was awful for me, and probably even worse for Mom, although she never mentioned it again.

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