A Letter: Dear ME

Dear Me,

Today you are loved and blessed. So many times your heart has broken, and you thought love was lost. But today God has blessed you with new hope, shining possibilities, and deeper love.

Remember the year, 5th grade it was, when you thought you had no friends, and you hid in the woods behind a log and cried, because no one understood you? But your best friend Corinne searched and found you, hugged you, and promised that she did understand you, and she would always be your friend.

Remember the year after you moved, and you finally made new friends, and learned to hide your deepest thoughts so you could fit in, and then your parents announced that the family was moving again, leaving your comfort zone? Your teenage heart rebelled and you felt devastated and bereft. But some months later, you found deeper understanding in a new place.

Remember the time your heart broke when your first baby daughter died? You thought you could never love another child the way you loved your first-born Lori. But some time later your daughter Elizabeth entered your life. As you first held her, you saw the long line of amazing women stretching back through yourself, your mother, grandmother, and over the generations of women preceding you, and love lived again. Soon your twins were born, and love tripled many times over.

Remember this. Every time you suffer a loss, God provides circumstances to lift you up and lead you to something better. Remember every time, when you hit bottom, God is there with you, as you learn to rise up and move on. Remember, every time, God is with you, preparing you for the next best thing. God continues to bless you with new hope, shining possibilities, and deeper love.

With Jesus’ love,


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4 Responses to A Letter: Dear ME

  1. This is so beautiful. I wrote something very similar. I had just gone back and re read it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sheryl says:

    This is lovely. Difficult times can lead to growth and better times.

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