Welcome 1954!

In going through old files today, I came across this poem I wrote on New Year’s Day, 1954.  I was a gangly young teenager at the time, and spent a lot of time living in my head.  I had recently attended a Billy Graham Crusade, and I was aware of ways I failed God.  That was also the year when I first read the Bible all the way through.  I am quite sure this is the first poem I wrote.

Dear God, I ask for nothing more

Than for a change in fifty-four:

My failures of the past to be

All made right ‘tween You and me.

I’ll start anew with aims so high

And soar as birds up in the sky,

There leave behind flawed past of mine.

That some would say was rightly Thine.

May I each start this year anew

And ask God’s help to see me through.

I pray as I enter New Year’s door,

To live for God in Fifty-four.

1954 RuthAnn

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3 Responses to Welcome 1954!

  1. Sheryl says:

    What a priceless find! I really like the way you made your resolution via a poem. You sound like you were a very thoughtful person.

  2. Larry Morris says:

    How special to have something that was written then – and it’s still fresh!

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