Swirling Starry Awe!

Leaving the darkened barn after chores were finished on Christmas Eve, I held tightly to my Daddy’s hand as we headed toward the house.  Ice crystals were sparkling in the starlight as our boots creaked through the snow.  An icicle broke from the roof and fell to the ground, tinkling like broken glass.

Silently, as we walked through the night, I wondered how it could be that Jesus was coming as a baby, at the same time that He is God.  Christmas seemed magical to my nine-year-old mind, even knowing that Santa wasn’t the one who brought the gifts.  But how could God be everywhere and also be a Baby in a manger?  What was the truth about God?

My senses were alert to the sounds of the night.  I heard the lowing of cows in the barn.  I heard the rustle of the horses as their feet shuffled the straw in their stall.  And then, in the silence, I began to hear the singing of the stars overhead.  Their singing was a low humming, murmuring susurration of sound.  I hadn’t known until then that stars sing.  How did God make the stars sing?  And how could God be a Baby?  What is the truth?

I looked up into the pivoting, whirling, swirling sea of stars overhead.  I became dizzy with awe as I saw into the immensity of the universe.  I was seeing into the telescope of infinity as the galaxies gyrated around me.  And then I knew.

As the stars shimmered above me, I was showered with certainty that God was infinitely boundless, immeasurable and fully present.  I was filled with reverence and surrounded by Love.

I began to understand the Mysterious Truth.


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One Response to Swirling Starry Awe!

  1. Marian says:

    Wonderful post. I can clearly picture you as a 9-year-old walking from the barn to the house with your daddy on a beautiful, crisp, clear night. A beautiful and inspiring scene. Thanks for sharing.

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