Mary’s Choice

I think of Mary:

Surprised, wondering, trusting,

In her season of preparation

For the birth of her child.

Such a Choice!

Imagine Mary preparing:

Confused by shame,

Filled with joyous expectancy,

Folding swaddling clothes.

What’s her choice?

Even today

A mother thinks twice

About planning a journey

At such a vulnerable time!

Such a choice!

If I were Mary

What would I do?

To risk Life itself?

To trust in the promise?

Such a choice!

And so it is

For each one of us,

In very time and in every place,

Christ is coming.

Of that we can be certain.

Whether it is in Bethlehem, Marysville,

Or your home town,

Christ’s coming will catch us at a vulnerable moment.

The choice is always between “yes” and “no”.

The risk is always Life itself.


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6 Responses to Mary’s Choice

  1. Larry Morris says:

    The vulnerable moments and choices – two powerful images – together. yes

  2. lamehousewife says:


  3. Sheryl says:

    The poem is beautiful! It’s so perfect during this Advent season.

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