In the Whirlwind

When God began to watch the whirling storm

And saw beyond the empty darkened void,

God spoke!  And starry dust began to form

A world, which filled with life to be enjoyed.

God’s hand enclosed a lump of earth’s new dust.

God’s ear imagined melodies of song.

God’s fingers formed a human soul: robust,

Inspired, created in God’s image, strong.

God’s human creature played in Paradise.

And God rejoiced, and saw it all was good.

But then!  That human mind thought it was wise

To go beyond.  It heeded not the Word.

God saw it all, and said, “I’ll have to go –

Give them new heart, because I love them so.”


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5 Responses to In the Whirlwind

  1. clennox says:

    Hey there Labyrinth Living… where did you get that blue photo of the whirlwind? I’d like to use it non-commercially for some art for my band!

    • I found it on the internet and used it before I realized I should check copyright, so I don’t know… I don’t own it and I don’t know who does. Maybe try a search for whirlwind images?

    • I thought I replied awhile ago – sorry if I didn’t send it. I got it from Google images, and I don’t know if it is copyrighted or not. I did it before I realized I should have checked that.

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