Mary’s Preparation

Think of Mary
preparing for the birth of her child,
for the coming of the Christ into her life …
and mine.

Imagine Mary
preparing for the birth of her Child;
needing swaddling clothes, lots of them;
a sheltered home, warmth, food, loved ones,
for the birth of her first Child.

But just as everything is nearly ready
Joseph gets the word that they must travel to Bethlehem.
– On a donkey, of all things!
– How inconvenient!
In fact, how apparently impossible!

Even today, a mother-to-be thinks twice
about planning a journey at such a time.
So dangerous! So uncomfortable!
Such a choice! Such terrible risk!

If I were Mary, what would I do?
Such a choice! To risk life itself?
Such vulnerability!

And so it is for each of us
in every time and in every place.
Christ is coming, of that we can be certain.

Whether it is in Bethlehem, Kirkland, or your home town,
Christ’s coming will catch us at a vulnerable moment.
The choice is always between “Yes” and “No”.
The risk is always life itself.

It is in making the choice,
in taking the risk,
in becoming vulnerable
that meaning and worth are found.

It is in saying “Yes!” to the Coming Christ
that our preparation becomes complete.
Come, Lord Jesus. Amen.



Written by me – July 2012

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4 Responses to Mary’s Preparation

  1. lamehousewife says:

    Beautiful! I really liked “The risk is always life itself.” Very compelling. Thank you for sharing this poem on Mary. God bless…

    • I am always blessed by your comments. Thank you. We Lutherans are finally beginning to appreciate so many aspects of Mary.

      • lamehousewife says:

        She is a beautiful mother indeed:)
        I sent my youngest to the Lutheran pre-school a couple of years ago because I thought they were doing such a good job with the little ones. I have a lot of respect for these Christian brothers and sisters.
        My grandpa was a Lutheran before he married my grandma. He was so taken by her that he decided he wanted to be Catholic, too. When he told my great-grandmother that he wanted to become Catholic, she said, “You better be a good one then!” He listened to her advice. Such a good man! God bless you, sister! I hope that you are doing well…

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