Thoughts While Walking


So similar to my labyrinth thoughts sometimes. God always listens.

Scottrick - A Modern Celt

A Surprising Wonder

At APCE last month, I went to the labyrinth to walk it on a whim.  I had wanted to earlier in the week, but thought I’d do it “later” when I had time.  Then the time came, and I was prompted to go and walk.  I did not have any purpose for this walk – no weighty decisions to make, just a vague sense that I might try to let my cares and worries drop away like Autumn leaves, then listen for whatever might be a message for me.  I walked in; struck eventually by the flickering lights…there was a message there that was for me – but what was it?

I reached the middle and waited first in the unknown.  Then I moved on, asking for guidance from the angelic/divine realms, then finally resting in the Person/People.  There!  That was it! I must not let the…

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