Come and Follow #42

“Come and follow me,”

Jesus called and Peter came,

Discipled  in faith.

“Peter, who am I?”

“You are Christ, the Son of God.”

“Blessed is your faith.”

Walking on water,

He saw wind, became afraid,

Cried out, “Save me, Lord.”

Fire in the courtyard.

“I do not know him,” Peter said.

The cock crowed three times.

Peter went and wept.

Jesus asks, “Do you love me?”

“Yes, Lord, I love you.”


Heart in the Park Labyrinth is a heart-shaped structure 45 feet in diameter with a seven-circuit dual path leading to a heart-shaped goal. A walking path outlining the labyrinth is bordered by a timeline of 100 pavers recording Tonkawa’s history from 1879 to 2007.  Tonkawa, Oklahoma

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2 Responses to Come and Follow #42

  1. Hi RuthAnn, You have the whole story here, beautiful–and also the photo. I don’t know very much about labyrinths, apart from the basic idea.

  2. Thank you, Ellen. It was probably about 5 years ago that I began to be interested in Labyrinths. Now I am on a ‘mission’ to visit as many as possible in my area. Fascinating history and inspiration for prayer.

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