Giving Up For Lent #32


Somehow as a child I got the idea that fasting or ‘giving up’ something during Lent was either not necessary or was superficial.

Perhaps it goes back to my third-grade best friend Joanie, who was Catholic.  I remember the day she came to school and announced she was giving up cookies for Lent.  I knew something of Lent, as my family had gone to church for the Ash Wednesday service the evening before.  But I had heard nothing about ‘giving up’ something for Lent.

When I asked Mother about it that afternoon after school, she answered, “that is something Catholics do.”  I already ‘knew’ that we didn’t do what Catholics did!  In those days it seems we were taught that one did not date or marry a Catholic, and one had to be very cautious about being friends with a Catholic!

I have since learned to love and respect many Catholics and their devout Christian faith.  And during Lent I set aside extra time to read Scripture or other Christian writings and to spend more time in prayer.  This year I made the commitment to write on this blog each day.

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6 Responses to Giving Up For Lent #32

  1. And it’s lovely to read your musings.

  2. My family includes loved ones from different branches of our faith. I surely remember the years you write about too.

  3. melaniefyock says:

    I found you through your comment on Chief of Least. I expect to visit you often.

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