Mary of Magdala #28

I would love to spend a day or two with Mary Magdalene.  I would tell her that I admire the way she followed Jesus, walking along with him as he taught, sticking with him through the crucifixion, and being the first to see Jesus after his resurrection.

I admire how she was able to keep walking in spite of people making false accusations about her.  She committed her life to following Jesus, at a time when women were not supposed to be out and about doing things like the men.  Jesus healed her of what probably was some mental health issue, and that carried a stigma.  She was not a prostitute, although there were some who confused her with another Mary who had been a prostitute.  In any case, Mary of Magdala was often misunderstood, and accused unfairly.  I know how difficult it is to be misunderstood for who you are and what you are perceived to have done.  I think we could talk a long time about how Jesus walked with her and strengthened her.

I admire how she stayed with Jesus through his trial and his death sentence from Pontius Pilate.   She saw him humiliated and beaten by the crowds.  Finally, she accompanied Jesus and witnessed the crucifixion.  She was following him to a place where “nice” women did not go, but she was willing to risk her reputation in order to be there with Jesus.  I have not always had the courage to go where I should and to speak up as I should.  I would like to have Mary’s courage.

I admire how Mary of Magdala got up so early in the morning after Jesus’ burial, going to the tomb to finish what needed to be done.  She was startled to see the empty tomb, but she didn’t doubt – she ran and told the others and continued to give testimony to the risen Christ.  I want to have Mary’s commitment and faithfulness.   ImageMary Magdalene,

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