Disciplines of Faith #12

Pastor Mike’s sermon of February 26, the first Sunday in Lent, encouraged us to adopt 3 ‘rules’ or external disciplines to guide our inward spiritual pilgrimage toward God, toward the open tomb.

The second of the 3 rules is honesty. Remembering Pastor Mike’s definition of honesty, my conscience is pricked. That looks like a hard one.  Pastor Mike says that honesty is about my attitudes, about my prejudices, and about my personality.

I consider myself honest. I tell the truth. But that sermon message keeps nagging me. That sounds like probing deeper than is comfortable.  That sounds scary.  That sounds hard.

But that tells me I need to focus on the discipline or habit of honesty.   What is holding me back?  It is the fear of what I might learn about myself.

Then I remember that I cannot fully even know my own heart, but God does.  And God promises to give me wisdom when I ask; Jesus promises the Holy Spirit will lead me into all truth.  So I am willing to be willing to learn more about the habit of honesty.

God, please show me what I need to see.  Amen.

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4 Responses to Disciplines of Faith #12

  1. Vince Chough says:

    Honesty runs deep and wide…
    It’s that willingness you write about… that is the key I think.

  2. DyAnn Dennie says:

    RuthAnn, Love your labyrinth site. Enjoy all the wonderful photos.
    Will have to talk to you more about it. My dream is to have a “real” labyrinth at HSL.

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