Surprised by a Listening God #10

What is one surprising experience you have had when you listened to God?

One night, long ago, I cried out to God, “Show me you are real!”  As I tossed and turned, I thought, “I can’t go on without knowing for sure.  God, can You prove yourself to me?”

I finally reached for my Bible by the bedside, and began to read.  So often as I read, my mind would fill with more and more questions.  I would read a word of comfort, but it was immediately followed by doubt.

But in those early morning hours, suddenly it seemed as though a light from heaven shown over my shoulder and illuminated the pages.  The shining words came alive.  I was filled with absolute certainty of the Truth of Jesus’ words, that I was God’s beloved child. Nothing could ever take that away.   Image

I got up and drove up Highway 20 to Colonial Creek on Lake Diablo.  I had discovered a spot not long before, and was drawn back to it.  I walked the needle-cushioned path under majestic trees to a certain spot along the roaring creek.  There I spread out my blanket, looked up at Colonial Peak high above, and felt wrapped in the presence of God.

This image is so burned into my memory that I can return there in my mind any time.  When I do, once again I am wrapped in the certainty of God’s all-encompassing love.

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2 Responses to Surprised by a Listening God #10

  1. Ahhhhh, and now I am wrapped in God’s love as well. Thank you for sharing.

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