Beloved Child of God #7

“You are a beloved child of God.”  Such powerful words, life-changing words; words that tell me I am loved completely, in my deepest innermost parts; loved by God for exactly who I am.

But many people don’t know, or haven’t heard in a believable way, that they are loved unconditionally.  And they desperately need to hear they are loved.  Deep down, they are afraid they are not loved, truly loved, for who they are. This is especially true, perhaps, for people who are different in any way from society’s standards and expectations.

Bishop Mark Hanson makes a beautiful response to the problem of bullying, one of the ways in which people are “told” they are not loved by people or by God.  Listen to his words here:  Bishop Mark Hanson

I will try to be sure that my words help others to know they are a beloved child of God.  I want my words to be words that heal, not words that harm.

Jesus Love Me, This I Know

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One Response to Beloved Child of God #7

  1. We are loved by God. This includes gay people, who are not asked to change their sexual orientation except by deluded people telling lies in the name of God.

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