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Clearing Out the Clutter #8

What are some ways that you can find to declutter your life?


Too much clutter.

Too much stuff –

Too many things to think about

Too many plants to water

Too many problems to solve

Too many books to read

Too many commitments to keep

Too many people to greet

Too many bills to pay

Too many prayers to pray


                        STOP!  TOO MUCH!

One thing at a time, ONE THING.

Pick 1 thing.  Decide that is the ONE THING you will declutter right now.  Set a time limit – take a break after XXX minutes.  Wow!  Look how much you got decluttered! 

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Quotations I Like

“…what we decided was if you live your life in fear, it’s not much of a life worth living.  So we decided to put that in God’s hands and do what we felt was right and speak out whenever we … Continue reading

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Beloved Child of God #7

“You are a beloved child of God.”  Such powerful words, life-changing words; words that tell me I am loved completely, in my deepest innermost parts; loved by God for exactly who I am. But many people don’t know, or haven’t … Continue reading

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The Inescapable God #6

Pick a Psalm from the Bible – either at random or pick one that is meaningful to you and analyze it or write your thoughts.  I love Psalm 139, which speaks of God, a personal God who knows me personally, … Continue reading

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Kairos to Chronos and Return #5

Write about your relationship to a friend or family member who is no longer living – What was the relationship like when they were alive and how has that relationship evolved after their death? My sister Mary died in January. … Continue reading

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Trust #4 Haiku

Trust like a young child, Know God will catch me, I fall Into loving arms.

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What Weighs Me Down? #3

“What are some rules you grew up with? How do you keep them, hand them down to your family or reject/rebel against them?” Rules… from childhood…?  I have been thinking of this all day, and remembering some early ones:  close the … Continue reading

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